Setting in A Complicated Kindness

31 Oct

The background of A Complicated Kindness is about a girl named Nomi who lives with a sad, peculiar father.Her mother and elder sisiter were all away but she worries about her father who will lives alone, so she has to stay with him.She always thinks about the reasons that her mother and sister gone away. She feels the world which she lives is so boring that she considers that she needs to leave. That’s why the book is called a complicated kindness. In Nomi’s mind, if you don’t have family love, it will break your heart.

The 16-year-old girl tries to come to terms with the collapse of her family in this novel. Although living with her father  is not her pleasure . And now Nomi relies on biting humor as her life spins out of control—she stops attending school, escapes on all-night drives. In Nomi’s opinion, she is tired with living in such a boring town, she wants to go out to see the beautiful outside.

Because of the different setting, it can happens .The setting of the book make an effect to the character,Nomi. It lets Nomi feels uncomfortable cause to the amazing envirnoment. In my opinion, the setting of this novel is a very important aspect of the work. It influneces the atomsphere in the town.At that time, the religion’s effect is always in people’s mind, no one can take it away, so does Nomi. It also makes Nomi is eager to escape the world she lives in currently.


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